Good Guys and Bad Guys

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Are there good guys and bad guys?

It seems like a general question and even unfair but in terms of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it is a valid question.

One of the biggest decisions one makes when undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation is who are they going to surround themselves with in life. If this isn’t really addressed then the chances of relapse are greater and here is why.

When working with our students on the program, they often have at least one (often many) questionable associates in their life.

In this example, let’s call this associate, Bob. The student has been hanging out with ’Bob’ for some years and Bob isn’t the nicest of people. He has been underhandedly putting said student down, he laughs off goals, suggests using drugs and other destructive activities. Well, the actions and true intentions of Bob need to be looked at and evaluated. Perhaps the student feels as though he can’t be himself around Bob or feels nervous or stupid around him.

Although it is a simple way to look at it, a situation like this is most common for someone that is undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Having the benefit of weighing up who is a positive influence in life as opposed to who is actually bringing one down is very valuable.

Having the benefit of weighing up who is a positive influence in life as opposed to who is actuallying one down is very valuable.

We have a very particular course on the program where our students get the opportunity to examine social characteristics vs. anti-social characteristics, in detail. This often prompts a lot of realisations about their own behaviour towards others and also the behaviour of those around them. It helps them to really identify those that are trying to help him in life and those that are hindering. We then offer many tools to be able to handle situations where they need to deal with someone that behaves in an anti-social way so they feel more confident to work out how to handle tricky situations.

Here is a recent testimonial from the course:

’What I learnt in analysing people is to understand the bad from the good. It’s going to help me in my ongoing life being drug free, like anti-social people are not good. They don’t want to succeed in life and don’t want you to do good. They are unhealthy. On the other hand social people, they are good, they like to see you do well and would help you in any way they can and want you to do good in life. There are people you need in your life, positive people, happy people, the good, the healthy.’

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Christine Bauer

Christine is the Dissemination Secretary at Narconon Melbourne, Australia. She is also a graduate of the program and has been free of drugs for 11 years.