’I Would Have Been Dead or in Jail’

First thing is I feel amazing with myself—healthy.

I can communicate with people without anger without thinking, with being relaxed. I don’t think about alcohol anymore.

Second part, I really miss my family. I think the things I did when I was drunk were stupid, and I can see how with the changes I have done, I can sort things out with communication. But mainly I feel really healthy about myself. I’m eating properly, sleeping, thinking well.

I thank my dad for everything and it was the best decision to come here. I would’ve been dead or in jail if I hadn’t come here.

F.M.—Narconon Student

To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.


Christine Bauer

Christine is the Dissemination Secretary at Narconon Melbourne, Australia. She is also a graduate of the program and has been free of drugs for 11 years.