’I’m So Proud of Myself’

The New Life Detoxification is another unique aspect of the Narconon program. It is based on the discovery by L. Ron Hubbard that drug residues apparently remain trapped in the body’s fatty tissues and may be reactivated even years after the individual has ceased taking drugs. The harmful mental and physical effects of taking drugs do not end even when the person stops taking drugs. Therefore a vital step is to get drugs out of the body and end their mental and physical effects on an individual’s life.

I’m feeling great after the sauna, my body feels awesome and I’m more energetic. My skin is clearer and I’m thinking a lot clearer. I’m so proud of myself for completing this part of the program :)

J.S.—Narconon Student

To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.


Christine Bauer

Christine is the Dissemination Secretary at Narconon Melbourne, Australia. She is also a graduate of the program and has been free of drugs for 11 years.