Once the person is through withdrawal and has completed the New Life Detoxification, it’s time to address the reasons a person turned to drugs in the first place.

It’s done through practical coursework to instil the life skills an individual needs to succeed. These are skills that people struggling with substance abuse have often lost sight of—or never had.

Effective practise and learning can help lead to stability and a return of personal values. Just as important, these courses help a person develop the self-control and personal backbone we believe necessary to maintain a drug-free life.

“Narconon gave me back the tools I lost along the way. They taught me to live again—actually live.”

What You Need to Succeed

Here are the tools that students study and acquire during this stage of the Narconon programme:

Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life

Being up one day and down the next can swiftly turn into a downward spiral that leads to rock bottom. On this course, learn the factors that can cause someone to “roller coaster,” emotionally and physically. Establish patterns to improve well-being and learn to spot these factors so you can avoid them or discard them from your life.

Personal Values

Making the right choices determines your whole future. But what is right? How can you determine this for yourself? This course helps you establish your own personal “backbone” and gives the framework for making decisions so you can trust yourself to do the right thing, whatever that is for you.

Changing Conditions in Life

As a final step, it's time pick up the pieces in any area of life adversely impacted by addiction. This course seeks to help you repair damage to your life, relationships, belongings, job. Even though it may not seem like it, it is possible the damage can be repaired. This course gives formulas many have found workable, which you can use to help put your life back together and work toward a better future.

“I’d been to eight other rehabs before Narconon. What makes Narconon different is they never told me not to use drugs; they taught me a better way to live life and a byproduct of that was not using drugs.”

Saving Lives. Saving Families.
Results from the Narconon Programme