The Sauna Was a Great Success

New Life Detoxification is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough discovery that LSD residues appeared to remain trapped in the body, mainly in the fatty tissues, long after a person had stopped taking the drug.

Ask any Narconon graduate about the New Life Detox. They’ll tell you they sweated out the drugs locked up in their system and gained a new energy, a new vitality—a new life, free from drug cravings.

The sauna was a great success for me, getting all the toxins out and radiation. Also eating 3 times a day and doing the gym has got me very fit and strong.
Walking to the gate and outside shows me one day I will be free and get back into life stronger than ever before with the experience I got.

A.S.—Narconon Student


Christine Bauer

Christine is the Dissemination Secretary at Narconon Melbourne, Australia. She is also a graduate of the program and has been free of drugs for 11 years.