Christine Bauer in Success stories
23 April 2018

Tools to Handle Any Situation

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program helps our students to rebulid relationships that have been damaged due to drug and alcohol abuse. Here is a recent success story from this important phase of the Narconon Program.


Christine Bauer in Addiction
4 January 2017

The Guilty Parent

Nothing quite comes close to the kind of love that a parent can give a child. Once you become a parent, you can't go back. Limitations on the responsibilities you had in life, blow away. All of the sudden you have this other little person to take care of—24/7.


Christine Bauer in Drug Rehab
29 December 2016

2017-Is this Your Make or Break Year?

New Year’s Resolutions! They feel so good to make! It almost feels as though you have already done them. It feels so good to say ’In 2017 I’m going to get fit!’ while you're eating the leftover Christmas ham and pudding.


Christine Bauer in Sobriety
13 December 2016

I Have Learnt a Lot About Myself

“Throughout these objective exercises, I’ve learnt a lot more about myself than I first thought. I was able to acquire my basic life skills that I lost when I was on drugs and helped me realise all the bad and wrong things that I have done in my life. The Objectives also helped me understand and see how important loved ones and my family really is.”